Book 1 - Marble Girl

An agate marble found in a remote cave in the Colorado Rockies is the key to solving a cold case nearly half a century old.

When Clare and Tora took the trail less traveled, they never expected it would lead them to an unsolved crime. Step by step, they put together the clues that lead to a robbery and a murder on August 28, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois – the city where Senator Hubert Humphrey was accepting the nomination to be the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party and antiwar protesters were taking to the streets.

Book 2 - Cuppa JO

Jesus Ortega, JO, is a wealthy Santa Barbara recluse. He is convinced that someone is threatening him and doesn’t know who he can trust. After reading the story of the Marble Girls, he contacts Tora whom he had met 40 years before. Things go from formidable to ominous when JO goes missing. Follow the trail as their investigation leads them through different cultures and lifestyles in the unique and beautiful city of Santa Barbara, Ca.

What Readers are Saying:

“Now I’ll wonder when I see homeless men if they working undercover and doing surveillance.” - Dannise

“Great character development and plot complexity.” - Greg

“Enjoyable, well developed characters. Tora and Clare are worth rooting for.” - Karen

"The name of the book, Cuppa Jo, is so unique---and the front cover, a table waiting for someone to sit down and enjoy the beach and ocean view, is so inviting and a perfect setting for reading this book." - Elaine


    Book 2 - Cuppa JO

    A wealthy Santa Barbara recluse, Jesus Ortega, - JO, is receiving menacing threats. Fearing for his safety and not sure who to trust, he enlists amateur sleuths Clare and Tora.

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All proceeds for CUPPA JO will be donated to Transition House, a shelter for homeless families in Santa Barbara.

Kathleen Baushke is the Executive Director of Transition House , a shelter for families with children that provides a full array of services designed to build the life skills needed to return to permanent housing. “We rely on the local community to provide funding for our agency, but this is the first time someone has written a mystery novel to help Transition House.”


Mary Stern

Mary Stern is a retired human resource executive who worked for most of her career at Baxter Healthcare. She is a principal at Monument Consulting and Publishing Company. She is the author of a series of children’s illustrated books in The Cowboy Dog Series; a book on job search- 6 Steps to Land the Job; and the new series: The Marble Girl Mysteries - Marble Girl and Cuppa JO. She is on the board of directors at Transition House and Landlord Liaison of Santa Barbara County. She and her husband have a lemon orchard in Santa Barbara, California.

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